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Door Hardware Keying Made Easy!

We offer free residential keying to all our customers. You can specify keying details on any keyed product page at HandleSets.com. The Three Free Keying Options include: Keyed Alike, Keyed Different, or Keyed to a Key Code.

Keyed Alike means all the keyed locks in the product selection will be keyed to the same exact key! This allows the homeowner or resident to use one key throughout the entire home.

Keyed Different means all the keyed products in the selection will be keyed to all different keys. This would be ideal for multi-family units.

The last Free Keying Option is to Key to a Key Code. This is used when you want your new lock to match an existing key. Remember, not all locks can be keyed the same, so check your manufacturer and corresponding cylinder information before placing an order.

There are a few ways to find your key code. First, check both sides of your key. Some key codes are stamped into the key. If you do not find your key code there, try contacting your contractor (this should be on file with him/her). Lastly, you can take your key to a locksmith to determine the key code (usually a free service).

Keying Help Glossary:

Manufacturer: To find the door hardware manufacturer you are interested in, just sort the manufacturer column (to the right) in alphabetical order by clicking at the top of the column.

Cylinder Manufacturer: This identifies the manufacturer of the actual cylinder used for that brand’s keyed door hardware. Schlage and Kwikset are the most popular cylinder manufacturers in the door hardware industry.

Cylinder Name/Type: This is the name of the actual cylinder inside the keyed hardware. Cylinder manufacturers commonly manufacture more than one type of cylinder and therefore name them.

Key Code: This is the code that is held inside the cylinder. Most residential applications have a 5- or 6-digit key code.

Pin Length: Pin length is commonly described as, “the number of digits in your key code- 5, 6 or even more digits”. Pin length is determined by the number of “chambers” inside a cylinder. Each chamber holds one digit in the key code. For example: A Schlage C Keyway has a 5-pin length, which means there are five chambers, and each chamber is assigned a number corresponding to the key code. The first chamber would hold the “4” in key code 46251.

Applicable Pin Digits: Cylinders have the capacity to only hold a certain length of a key code (5, 6, or more digits). Some cylinders also have restrictions on which digits can be held in the chambers. For example: a Kwikset Cylinder can only hold digits ranging between 1 and 6. This means a standard Kwikset cylinder cannot hold data for a key code containing a 0, 7, 8, or even 9.

ManufacturerCylinder ManfacturerCylinder Name/TypePin LengthApplicable Pin Digits
AdvantageSchlage (can be converted to Kwikset 5 Pin)C Keyway60 - 9
BaldwinBaldwinC Keyway50 - 9
Brass AccentsBrass AccentsC Keyway50 - 9
Cal-Royaldepends on model   
CifialCifialC Keyway50 - 9
Copper CreekCopper CreekKW 5 pin or 6 pin5 / 61 - 6
Copper CreekCopper CreekC Keyway50 - 9
DexterSchlageC Keyway50 - 9
Double HillDouble HillC Keyway50 - 9
Dynasty HardwareDynasty HardwareC Keyway50 - 9
EmtekEmtekC Keyway50 - 9
EZ-SetEZ-SetKW 5 pin or 6 pin5 / 61 - 6
FalconFalconG Keyway, C Keyway5 / 6 / 7 
FusionFusionC Keyway50 - 9
GrandeurGranduerC Keyway50 - 9
K2K2C Keyway5 0 - 9
K2K2KW 5 pin or 6 pin5 / 61 - 6
Kaba Ilcodepends on model   
KwiksetKwiksetKW 5pin or 6pin5 / 61 - 6
KwiksetKwiksetSmartKey (NO MASTER KEYING)51 - 6
LockStateLockStateKW151 - 6
MedecoMedecoMedeco5 / 6 0 - 9
Morning IndustriesMorning IndustryC Keyway50-9
Nostalgic WarehouseNostalgic WarehouseC Keyway50 - 9
OmniaOmniaC Keyway50 - 9
SapphireSapphireC Keyway5 / 60 - 9
SchlageSchlageC Keyway5 / 60 - 9
TaambaTaambaC Keyway50 - 9
Valli ValliValli ValliC Keyway50 - 9
Weiser LockWeiser LockWS5 / 60 - 9
Weiser LockKwiksetSmartKey (NO MASTER KEYING)51 - 6
WeslockWeslockWeslock50 - 9
WeslockWeslockC Keyway50 - 9
YaleYaleYA=Yale 850 - 9