LCN Door Closers

About LCN Door Closers

Safety is the first priority when it comes to an exit device. LCN specializes in door closers that are durable, reliable, and trusted in commercial buildings across the country. Lewis C. Norton founded the company in the 1870's after he invented the first door closing device. The first door closer was used on the Boston Trinity Church in 1877, where it is still being used. Today, LCN closers are designed with longevity in mind and are built to last 15 to 20 years under heavy commercial use. LCN is constantly striving to improve their products, and still uses several popular closers that were designed decades ago. This is possible because the design was so perfect to begin with. In 1974, the company was purchased by Ingersoll Rand, which brought even more stability and resources to the company.


LCN closers have slowly evolved since they were invented over 100 years ago. LCN surface-mounted door closers are its most common design. Mounting on the surface of the door provides and affordable way to utilize a closer. One of the most popular door closers on the market today is the LCN 4041. Its parallel arm surface mount is simple, yet highly effective. Available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, the 4041 is near impossible to improve upon. The closer is constructed with a cast iron body, forged steel arm, and double heat-treated steel pinion. This heavy-duty construction allows for an unmatched expected life of 10 million cycles.

LCN door closers are also available in a modern-style that can be hidden from sight. The concealed closers are installed in either the head frame or top rail of the door to maintain a clean appearance. The single-lever arm and roller assembly provide smooth and quiet control that will leave users wondering if a closer is even on the door. These closers also meet ADA requirements.

Electronic closers are also available in the LCN door closer lineup. This type of closer is designed to hold doors open. The doors can be automatically closed by installing a switch that sends a current to the release switch to release of the holding mechanism. The hold-open points can be adjusted between 85 and 110 degrees. And for even more flexibility in installation, the closing time can be adjusted using screws on the mechanism.


Parts for your door closers are also available. LCN's selection of door closer parts will allow you to repair or add utility to any door closer that may need it. Wireless wall mount transmitters, like the LCN 8310-844, are most commonly found in hospitals and schools to create an automatic door opening experience. Drop plates, swing arms, and plastic covers are all part of the collection of door closer parts.


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